What's In My Bag?

  1. Christopher Kon wallet 
    I purchased this zip wallet from a local shoe store last fall. I love the soft leather and the
    abundance of space inside without the risk of losing it's contents! 
    [Find it here]

  2. Can't go anywhere without these 3 things 
    a) Spray bottle with lens cleaner for my glasses 
    b) Aquify eye drops  [find it here]
    c) Bath & Body Works pomegranate hand cream

  3. Idea Log 
    Book for jotting down inspiration, brainstorming ideas, and tracking project process.
    [Find it here]

  4. Lip balms & lip glosses
    a) Blistex berry lip chap with SPF15  [find it here]
    b) Covergirl blast flipstick in "pucker"  [find it here
    c) Chanel gloss with gold sparkles  [find it here
    d) Elizabeth Grant moisturizing stick (received this through a GlossyBox sample- review  
        coming up later this week)

  5. Notebook & Bic pen
    Chevron notebook from Indigo (upcoming post on my love for this pattern).
    [Find it here]

  6. Purell hand santizer
    It's best to eliminate germs in between clients or right before picking up a snack.

  7. Heart Paperweight
    This weight (~1lb) is a little tool I keep on hand when feeling a little stressed- the
    proprioceptive feedback has a calming effect for an over-stimulated nervous system. 
    [Find it here]

  8. My daytimers 
    I keep 2 separate agendas to track hours and travel for my jobs: OT work and contract

  9. Keychain
    The keys are colour coded so I can keep them all straight! (Unfortunately none of them unlocks any safes or bank vaults.) On my keychain I also have my memory stick, gym membership card, a Starbucks gift card, and usually, but currently missing, a mini tape measure (a handy OT essential)

10.  Vichy Thermal Water
       The one item missing from the photo- this product is great for combating fatigue
       or dryness 
(especially in the winter). 
          [find it here]

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