#shoplocalsj: Black Friday Sales

I've decided, that while trying to establish a regular posting routine, that I'm going to dedicate Friday's blog posts to local material pertaining to what's happening in Saint John. This week I'm sharing a list of the Black Friday sales [that I know about] in the Saint John area to support shopping local this holiday season.   There's really no need to waste your money on gas to cross the border to the US these days- you can shop in the comfort of your own city, save money, and save time while supporting our local businesses!

Uptown Saint John

Click on the store names below for more information on the sale, including the store's location.

  • Element520% off all in stock Aveda (excluding gift packs); 30% off OPI, SpaRituals, flat irons & blowdryers; 75% off all Distinctly Tea products
  • Made You Blush20% all regular priced product, All Holiday Cake Sets 30% off, All Too Faced Holiday Kits 30% off, Principessa 50% Off, The Balm Jovi Kit 30% off, Lippmann Sets 50% off, All Urban Halos Buy one get one free!
  • Manchester Shoe SalonStarting today until Christmas Eve,they're having a BOGO event! Buy one, get one half price on ALL shoes, ALL fashion boots, ALL winter boots, and ALL handbags!
  • Paddington Station: Today they are living away hourly prizes to shoppers plus you earn a $10 gift certificate for spending $50 or more
  • PGal's: 40% off today 

These days I'm supporting shopping local in our city with the hashtag #shoplocalsj on Twitter. If you have something to share, show this hashtag a little love!


Je Suis Prest's Holiday Party

In previous years, Je Suis Prest Boutique has always gone for the big wow factor when it came to showing off their new holiday wears. (To see what I'm talking about- just check out my blog post from their Urban Glam Party they hosted last year with The Urban Shoe Myth.) I was excited when they announced their annual event on Facebook:

Screen shot from my computer screen (click to go to the event page as seen above)

While in Brunswick Square grabbing a coffee from Starbucks, I had chance to pop into the store yesterday and chat with Kiera for the scoop on the event. If you're wondering about ticket prices, attire, and the effort to round up your friends- don't fret! This year they've taken this event back to home base right within the store and created a shopping party. And really, I think this is a smart move. Kiera pointed out that when it gets close to the holidays, there's so much going on. We all know it can be difficult to divide your time and money accordingly, and still do everything this time of year. This is one store owner that really listens to her customers (and that's one of the many reasons I love her!)

Where everyone's life is so busy, sometimes it's nice to be able to do something on the fly and be able to attend an event where you don't have to worry about changing out of your work clothes or slouchy jeans. Forget about wasting your time making sure every hair is perfectly in place.  

Don't worry about ticket to this event, you can just drop by Je Suis Prest Boutique (on the 2nd level of Brunswick Square) this evening (Thursday, November 22) between 6pm and 9pm and spend your hard-earned money directly on brand new merchandise that is being released tonight. Everything might not be packaged into a fashion show this year, but the glam factor will still be present, directly on the racks. The store is already beautifully decorated for the holiday season:

An Instagram photo I took yesterday: check out the cute Free People socks hanging from the tree!

Pssst....I also heard directly from the source, that there will be some mark downs on [some of the] current merchandise. 

Oh, and just for fun (and a trip down memory lane), check out my blog posts from Je Suis Prest's previous holiday parties:

Coming up: Tonight I'm going to pull together my list my sales and savings for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, so be sure to stop by again tomorrow for that scoop!


Saint John Cut 3: Catherine, Maryanne & Apryll

Continuing where I left off last week, here some of the shots I took of the remaining lovely ladies I had the pleasure of photographing at Saint John Cut, version 3.0.


Dress: Free People from Je Suis Prest Boutique 



Shirt: Kensie from Je Suis Prest Boutique
Skirt: Kensie from Je Suis Prest Boutique
Coat: from Je Suis Prest Boutique



Dress: Kersh from Silver Daisy Designs
Necklace: Silver Daisy Designs
Shoes: Manchester Shoe Salon

For all the models:

Hair: Adam Donnelly
Make-up: Carrie McGrath & Taylor MacDougall

Social Media Links: Adam Donnelly (Twitter/Blog) | Carrie McGrath (Twitter/Facebook/Website) | Taylor MacDougall (Twitter) | Je Suis Prest Boutique (Twitter/Facebook/Website) | Silver Daisy Designs (Twitter/Facebook/Website) | Manchester Shoe Salon (Twitter/Facebook/Website)


Saint John Cut 3: Kate, Julia & Kayla

As I mentioned in my last post, I had opportunity to play fashion photographer (amongst some really and truly talented photographers!) earlier this week at Saint John Cut 3.

I've really appreciated the opportunity to be included since the first event, always having a blast but switching up my role at each session. Initially, being a style blogger who documents her outfits from time to time, I dressed up and had my make-up done along side the models and fellow blogger pal Kate of O My Heart in March 2011. At version 2.0, I decided to step behind the scenes and help dress and style the models, look after wardrobe on set, and shoot a few pictures of all that was happening in November 2011. This time around, I decided to try my hand at actually photographing the models up front, using a little creativity, and getting a better handle on my DSLR.

I kept my equipment fairly basic and stuck to my 18-55mm lens so I could simply the process: concentrating a bit more on the subject, the background, and learning to use my friend Allie's external flash that I borrowed.

My first model was Kate Lordon, owner of Silver Daisy Designs. The theme for this event was Into the Wild, also known as the project name for the construction of the uber modern home of Judith Mackin and Robert Moore- which was our set location. I saw the into the wild pillow sitting next to Kate on the couch and thought it was only suiting that I get a few shots with the project title.


Dress: Press from Silver Daisy Designs
Earrings: from Silver Daisy Designs
Shoes: Guess from Manchester Shoe Salon
Hair: Adam Donnelly
Make-up: Carrie McGrath & Taylor MacDougall

Next up, I photographed Julia Hurst, blogger of Fortunate Fool.


Dress: Mink Pink from Silver Daisy Designs
Shoes: Vince Camuto from Manchester Shoes
Hair: Adam Donnelly
Make-up: Carrie McGrath & Taylor MacDougall

Later that day, these eye-catching Eames for Herman Miller chairs were just asking to be photographed. Kayla Cormier, who works at Silver Daisy, sat down next to Julia.


Dress slip: OXMO from Silver Daisy Designs
Sweater: Press from Silver Daisy Designs
Shoes: Manchester Shoes
Hair: Adam Donnelly
Make-up: Carrie McGrath & Taylor MacDougall

I've got more photos coming up this week, plus I'll eventually wrap up my Saint John Cut 3 posts with a Behind the Scenes look, plus deliver all the deets on the who was involved!

Social Media Links: Adam Donnelly (Twitter/Blog) | Carrie McGrath (Twitter/Facebook/Website) | Taylor MacDougall (Twitter) | Silver Daisy Designs (Twitter/Facebook/Website) | Manchester Shoe Salon (Twitter/Facebook/Website) | Judith Mackin (Twitter/Website)


The Twitter Tale of #SaintJohnCut3

First, you might be wondering what precisely is Saint John Cut?

Essentially it's a creative collaboration that consists of multiple photo shoots taking place all in one intriguing location. Typically it's brought together fashion boutique owners, hair stylists, make-up artist, photographers, models and other creative types, all from Saint John.

In early March 2011, Saint John Cut 1 took place in the glamorous White Room on Prince William Street. The scenery for Saint John Cut 2 in November 2011 was set in an historic building Uptown that was completely gutted, dimly lit and under major construction. Yesterday, Saint John Cut 3 was hosted at the gorgeous home of Judith Mackin and Robert Moore.

















Stay tuned: I have more #SaintJohnCut3 blog posts coming up this week!


Style File: Casual Chic

With the leaves brilliantly changing colours, there's only a matter of time before the trees are bare and I miss out on fantastic fall back-drops for outfit photos.

As I mentioned to my Saint John blogger pals (Melissa, Julia, Emma & Barb) over coffee this week, I feel like putting myself entirely together for an outfit photo is a task in itself. Typically, I'm running out the door with a look that I wouldn't feel is complete- whether my make-up isn't complete, my hair is mess tied back, or my shirt isn't pressed. Often I'd be happy to shoot a photo of what I'm wearing, but as I said to Kate over our dinner date earlier this week, setting up my tripod or making sure my make-up is camera suit-able makes outfit photos feel like a chore in the world of a girl on-the-go!

But until I get back on my feet with outfit photos, which I dearly miss doing, I'd like to share what photos I've been collecting for fall outfit inspiration.

Photo source: Pinterest 

Choosing an outfit must meet one criteria above all else: it's comfortable!

But comfortable hardly needs to be associated with my favourite at-home, hide-away uniform of yoga pants and a zip-up hoodie. What I like about the above outfit is how super-casual is mixed with a bit of prep by throwing a blazer over top. This takes me back to my deep-in-the-thought exam study days at university. I often threw on a pair of jeans and then a blazer over my hoodie just for additional layer on my walk to the library.

Photo source: Chictopia

Continuing with casual-chic ways to style a blazer...

Nothing is more classic yet gives off a causal-cool vibe like a blazer paired with a blouse and denim. (Although I'm not loving the bold zippers on these particular jeans.) I do adore this bowler-esque hat and and shoulder bag that contribute to the boho feel of the outfit. Only problem with me and hats- my [sometimes big] hair and unexpectedly large head often don't fit nicely into one-size-fits-all hats.

Photo source: See Jane

There's nothing I love more than a pair of coloured denim or jeggings.

It's an easy way to add a splash of colour to a simple outfit- traditionally the brighter colours have been reserved for the top half of an outfit- at least by conservative terms. These days I like to throw a bold hue on bottom and go for something quick, easy, and neutral on the top- I just let my legs do the talking. I'm always  layering up so I can avoid having to wear a full coat- so far I've evaded wearing a winter- or even fall- coat by choosing heavier sweaters and cozy scarves, as needed.

This outfit is fairly uncomplicated, but to me, it says ultra chic. 

Long-enough tops that can be paired with leggings are a wardrobe staple of mine. Too many are guilty of committing the ever-so-common fashion faux pas by sporting leggings or tights with a regular length top- remember ladies- unless you are [even so slightly] covering your bottom and crotch in tights, your outfit should stay in the comfort of your own home.

Photo source: Kate The Great

I do love a an oversized or loose fitting top over a pair of skinny pants. 

I especially enjoy the monochromatic simplicity of this ensemble- the stripes break it up from becoming too bland. I find the bulk of wearing a scarf wrapped around my neck needs to be balanced with a top knot or bun.

I collected these photos as part of outfit inspiration not because they are daring, cutting edge, or novel- but because they are comfortable, cute and appropriate for a wide variety of occasions or settings. Where my mornings consist of getting out of the house at the last minute, accessible fashion is my answer to looking put-together.