Saint John Cut 3: Kate, Julia & Kayla

As I mentioned in my last post, I had opportunity to play fashion photographer (amongst some really and truly talented photographers!) earlier this week at Saint John Cut 3.

I've really appreciated the opportunity to be included since the first event, always having a blast but switching up my role at each session. Initially, being a style blogger who documents her outfits from time to time, I dressed up and had my make-up done along side the models and fellow blogger pal Kate of O My Heart in March 2011. At version 2.0, I decided to step behind the scenes and help dress and style the models, look after wardrobe on set, and shoot a few pictures of all that was happening in November 2011. This time around, I decided to try my hand at actually photographing the models up front, using a little creativity, and getting a better handle on my DSLR.

I kept my equipment fairly basic and stuck to my 18-55mm lens so I could simply the process: concentrating a bit more on the subject, the background, and learning to use my friend Allie's external flash that I borrowed.

My first model was Kate Lordon, owner of Silver Daisy Designs. The theme for this event was Into the Wild, also known as the project name for the construction of the uber modern home of Judith Mackin and Robert Moore- which was our set location. I saw the into the wild pillow sitting next to Kate on the couch and thought it was only suiting that I get a few shots with the project title.


Dress: Press from Silver Daisy Designs
Earrings: from Silver Daisy Designs
Shoes: Guess from Manchester Shoe Salon
Hair: Adam Donnelly
Make-up: Carrie McGrath & Taylor MacDougall

Next up, I photographed Julia Hurst, blogger of Fortunate Fool.


Dress: Mink Pink from Silver Daisy Designs
Shoes: Vince Camuto from Manchester Shoes
Hair: Adam Donnelly
Make-up: Carrie McGrath & Taylor MacDougall

Later that day, these eye-catching Eames for Herman Miller chairs were just asking to be photographed. Kayla Cormier, who works at Silver Daisy, sat down next to Julia.


Dress slip: OXMO from Silver Daisy Designs
Sweater: Press from Silver Daisy Designs
Shoes: Manchester Shoes
Hair: Adam Donnelly
Make-up: Carrie McGrath & Taylor MacDougall

I've got more photos coming up this week, plus I'll eventually wrap up my Saint John Cut 3 posts with a Behind the Scenes look, plus deliver all the deets on the who was involved!

Social Media Links: Adam Donnelly (Twitter/Blog) | Carrie McGrath (Twitter/Facebook/Website) | Taylor MacDougall (Twitter) | Silver Daisy Designs (Twitter/Facebook/Website) | Manchester Shoe Salon (Twitter/Facebook/Website) | Judith Mackin (Twitter/Website)

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