Live from the Runway: Joe Fresh

If you hadn't heard, after the major fashion capitals have already hosted their fashion weeks filled with runway shows, presentations, and events promoting Spring 2013 designer lines, Canada celebrates fashion in Toronto this week. The World Mastercard Fashion Week runs from October 22 to 26.

Included in the array of fashion presentations, accessible label Joe Fresh will be showcasing their Spring 2013 line tonight. And the good news? You can catch the livestream at 10pm AST (9pm EST)!

Catch the live stream here tonight: http://youtu.be/Ud8gp_5SNuA

Will you be watching?


Don't Miss: Saint Strut

If you live in Saint John, you might have heard mentionings of Saint Stut....whether it's been the Facebook page, the elevator doors in Brunswick Square, tweets on Twitter...there's been quiet, but building, rumble about this event.

Slowly the details started to pour, and I realized it was Brunswick Square's annual fall fashion show, only with a new face, new presentation. It was when I heard the names behind the project that I decided I wanted to attend. That, and the fact that local health care would benefit from the proceeds, motivated me to purchase a ticket and attend this new approach to displaying fashion in Saint John.

Brunswick Square's annual event has been revamped and restyled under the artistic direction of Judith Mackin. From what I've gathered, video and photography from Sean McGrath will serve as large backdrops- check out this sneak peek Sean posted a few days ago:

Saint Strut - Teaser from Sean McGrath on Vimeo.

It's also been announced that Saint John's mayor, Mel Norton, and his wife, will serve as the event's hosts and emcees. Benefiting from this fundraiser will be the Babies in Utero project of the Saint John Regional Hospital (click here for more info).

If their resumes and past works are any indication, hearing Judith's and Sean's names attached to this project was enough to have me convinced that this was an event I didn't want to miss.

Other perks that event-goers will enjoy: a silent auction, a glass of wine, food, and amazing giveaways. I'd guessing, in advance, that Brunswick Square definitely one-uped themselves from previous events they've hosted! Check out the Facebook event for more details.

Nine of the shopping centre's stores will be featuring their fall fashions on NWH models, with make-up being done by Perfumes Plus and hair by Hairacy's.

So I've got my ticket already- hurry up and get yours before they sell out- I've heard the numbers are dwindling (there was only 30 left as of Friday) and there's only 2 days until the event!

When: Wednesday, October 10 @ 7pm
Where: Delta Brunswick's ballroom
Tickets: Purchase from participating stores or the Brunswick Square administration office (level 6) 
How much: $40

Will you be there?


My style, at 28

This summer I tipped the age scale and officially landed in my late 20's. And I've noticed my wardrobe and my approach to putting together an outfit has changed over the last several months too. I'm not saying that I feel compelled to change my personal style because of another birthday gone by, but yet I've really landed in a spot where I can say I know who I am and what works for me.

Fashion is forever changing, with endless trends echoed by the runways, designers, fashion magazines, even clothing stores dictating what's the newest, modern look and where we should speed our hard earned dollars in order for our closet to be relevant this season. But style, that's where we get personal. What you wear and how you wear it isn't just for being a statement in itself, but a reflection of what suits your body type, what flatters your colouring, what's practical for your lifestyle, and what makes you feel comfortable and what just makes you feel pretty.

About 9 or 10 months ago I came to the realization that I needed to stop buying heels. Oh how I love the look of pretty stilettos (and especially how they make my legs look!) but they just don't fit my lifestyle. Where I needed to invest my money, if I wanted or needed a new pair of shoes, was flats. I don't spend my days in an office or behind a desk. I'm constantly driving from one place to the next, sitting on the floor with kids at work, chasing after my friends' toddlers, or running to the next place I was supposed to be 10 minutes ago. In a city like Saint John, where everything is sprawled out, you do a lot of walking and driving to get where you need to go.

It's been a few years now that I embraced an indifference when it came to the size label on my clothing. There would be times I would not switch sizes or squeezed myself into a pair of pants just because the size- a number that only I, the wearer, could see. Now I realize how ridiculous that is. I currently follow the philosophy that everything should have some degree of stretch, going up a size is always better than the muffin top, and that you should always buy quality pieces rather then just follow particular brand-names.

Never settle for an article of clothing that does nothing for you. I used to love the idea of a piece of clothing but then grow tired of it quickly because I realized it didn't flatter my body or it was just run-of-the-mill. I no longer let a tag tell me that a particular body part is too big or not the right proportion either. No piece of clothing can fit every woman, so we should except that not everything that says it's our size is going to look right on. Sometimes things need to be tailored to fit right, and sometimes you should just toss the item aside in the fitting room and say "Next!". If a trip to the fitting room doesn't work out, I now work with the frame of mind that those clothes just didn't fit my body rather than thinking my body didn't fit into the right size.

I now know what clothing is going to fit my body and what angles and cuts I should go for or avoid. I shop for my body rather than shopping for a particular size. I dress for comfort. I wear my hair in a quick-easy-to-style manner, that takes 5 minutes in the morning. Waves it is- free-flowing or pulled atop my head in a quick bun.

If I could sum up my own personal style rules into 5 quick, easy steps:
  1. Go for clothing that is just as comfortable as it is cute. I've learned that if I'm comfortable, I'm usually not as distracted and more likely able to focus my energy onto what I'm doing!
  2. Ensure that an outfit is audience or location appropriate- when in doubt, dress up rather than dress down. That way you'll be safe and won't waste time fretting how you look compared to others.
  3. An outfit is about the fun details- whether it's how you layer, accessorize or mix colours together.
  4. Following brand-name hype isn't always what it's cracked up to be. Picking items that fit my budget, are made of quality material, fit well, and don't look cheap are key. 
  5. Knowing what fits and flatters your body is the most important factor when it comes to having good style. For me, I avoid shorter tops that stop mid-way over my hips, pants that are ill fitting to my proportions, and clingy fabrics. Skinny pants and tops that go in at the waist are the most flattering for my shape.


Get ready for...Fashion Forward!

Yesterday afternoon, I joined Barb (blogger behind Barbbarbbarb) and Adam (hair stylist at Hairacy's) to chat about the 3rd kick-off of mega uptown Saint John shopping affair, Fashion Forward:

Video source: Uptown Saint John
Although we weren't one-take wonders, we managed to get it all in there on the 3rd take with Craig manning the camera! 
Sadly, I won't be able to make it to the event itself tonight (I have to be in Moncton today and tomorrow for an autism conference) but please do take lots of pictures so I  can pretend I got to share in the fun! I've always had a great time at the previous versions, so I anticipate this event will only get better! 
Remember to get there early (before 5pm!) so you can get your hands on a swag bag!