Hello, welcome! You may already know me from my other blog, Maritime Shopaholic. Recently, I decided to split my one blog into 2: a style and shopping guide to my home city of Saint John, sticking to the name Maritime Shopaholic, while branching off with a new personal style blog as you see here!

Old friends, new beginnings! 

For the longest time I was feeling that Maritime Shopaholic had reached a saturation point. I started that blog almost 2 years ago, never expecting anyone but maybe a friend or two to read it. Next thing I know, I have over 1500 visitors in a week and a regular following. I was covering 2 niche topics (local happenings in Saint John and my personal style) that seemed to fit together initially but as my blog grew, so did my audience and they weren't all necessarily from our beautiful little port city. News about new stores or exciting events in Saint John was no longer relevant to all my lovely readers. To find out more about the changes to Maritime Shopaholic, click here!

Atlantic Style Diaries has become the home of my personal style blog to share outfit photos, favourite trends and brands, wish-lists, etc. Whether you are my next door neighbour, a reader from across the country, or fellow lover of statement necklaces from the UK or Tennessee, there's a little bit for everyone who enjoys every day, ready-to-wear fashion. I wanted to be able to participate in the fashion blog community without physical boundaries to who I could share with or collaborate with.  

What's in a name?

Atlantic Style Diaries is a blog about an east coast girl who could never not live beside the ocean's front door. It's a creative outlet for sharing an affordable, accessible sense of style. The Maritime climate and culture also has a big impact on my wardrobe and what I choose to wear!

Alright, already!

From here on out, I promise, more pictures, less talking! ;)

The important stuff!

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