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I have to admit, I'm not only a little behind in my blog reading, I've also been a little behind in my posts! This week you should see things returning to a normal, steady pace of blog posting.

First up this week, I'd like to share the top 5 Tumblr blogs I've been loving for style inspiration. These are great sources for some Pinterest pinning!

1. Whipped Style on Tumblr- companion to whippedStyle- a blog with 5 contributors 
who post on style, home decor, DIY crafting and shopping.

2. Vogue (the fashion magazine we all know and love) is on Tumblr

3. Rachel Zoe on Tumblr- her designs, behind-the-scenes and inspirations.

4. Style.com on Tumblr- photo inspirations posted by the editors of the fashion website

5. The Glitter Guide on Tumblr- outfit, accessory and beauty inspiration- lots of pretty pictures

In addition to this blog, I've been playing with a Tumblr blog of my own (The Love List), posting fashion and style related photos I love- sort of in the way I use use Pinterest

I've been playing around with the content on my Tumblr blog to figure out what content I specifically want to curate there- and make it more unique and different from the material I post on other platforms (i.e. this blog, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, etc). I've decided to dedicate that blog to favourite blogger outfits and street-style I find inspiring.

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