Last weekend I headed to Halifax with a few other of my Saint John blogging pals for an east coast fashion bloggers' meet-up. Back in February, we all came together via twitter and then created a Facebook group to carry on the conversation about planning the 1st ever conference for fashion bloggers in Atlantic Canada- and for the 1st time we got to see just how many of us there were! I can't thank the lovely ladies Kayla (Short Presents), Jessica and Erin (Haute Halifax), and Sorren (Classic Noise) enough for how great a job they did planning and hosting the meet-up last weekend.

All graphics for the event, including the promo above
were designed and created by the talented Sorren.

Friday evening Candice (Brilliant Sugar), Barb (barbbarbbarb) and I packed my trunk full for a 24 hour whirl-wind trip to Halifax! I'm typically the crazy over-packer that brings a wheeled suitcase when everyone else can fit it all into a small overnight bag. I was happy to see I wasn't alone when I saw the girls stepped outside with their little suitcases on wheels too!

We were a little late (but still excited!) getting to Halifax, checking into the hotel and then grabbing a cab over to meet up for the first event of the weekend- a good 'ol wine and cheese party!

The following photos (from my Nikon and my Blackberry) document our little trip:

Here's what I wore to the wine and cheese party hosted at Jessica's place. 
This photo was taken with my phone because I didn't realize until it was too late
that my little digi cam was sans memory card and was, in fact, still in my DSLR upstairs!

As we pulled up in the cab, we could see the party in full swing through the front window! 
We also heard "Saint John's here!" as we closed the cab doors.
It's strange but wonderful to walk into a room of people you've never met 
but feel like you're in a room of old friends.

Barb had gotten a card from the Fashion East girls 
who we shared a cab with at the end of the night. 
It was wonderful to meet Meghan and Krista- 
major contributors to this Halifax street-style blog- 
who are both talented photographers as well!
They were such easy to talk to gals that gave some pretty great camera advice!

Back at the hotel, Barb reviewing her Instagram photos from the party.

Candace must have been reading my mind 
when she mentioned pizza in the elevator at the end of the night- 
I couldn't help but exclaim, "ME TOO!!"
Barb suggested this amazing veggie pizza from Alexandra's and 
I think it might be the best thing I've ever tasted!

After our late night snack, it was time for bed!

Random assortment of my purse contents, jewellery selection, and hair products 
sprawled out while getting ready the next morning.
You can see the fancy event schedule just down in the corner of the photo!

The Middle Spoon was so kind to open their doors earlier than usual 
to host our private function!

First thing was first: I needed my caffeine!

Mimosas! (With blackberries for a fancy touch!)
There was an assortment of complementary beverages and treats on hand- 
this adorable desserterie (and bar) was incredibly awesome 
for hosting our discussion & workshop!

Planners Sorren, Kayla, and Jessica review the give-away prizes from our sponsors!

The delicious spread

Can't resist the allure of a cake pop!

Typical bloggers, tweeting up a storm
(L to R): Jessica, Kayla, Sorren, Candace, Barb

(Right) Sneak peak at the goodies from sponsors!
(Left) In Barb's hand- the gift certificate we all received to Pretty Things 
along with the gift certificate to La Quaintrelle that she won.

Key items on hand: coffee (& refills!), my new Rebecca Minkoff purse
my Blackberry (although I have total iphone envy!) and my zip package 
I always have on hand when I have multiple papers and materials 
that won't fit in my purse.

Candace posing with the middle  spoon. :)

Close-up of Candace's beautiful gold bracelets and mint green nails.

I kept switching from Blackberry (to tweet photos!) and my Nikon.

Jessica & Kayla (with Meghan's hat) drawing the first prize winner!

(Left): Kate (O My Heart!) who did a great job as our key speaker 
& Barb wearing her fantastic Spike the Punch necklace
(Right): Mimosa close-up

Kayla displaying the goods before picking the winner 

Erin's excitement when her name comes out of the hat!
(L to R): Mo (Curvy Geekery), Erin, Sorren

Krista snaps a photo of our wonderful event planners!

(L to R): Sorren, Erin, Jessica, Kayla
The gals behind the 1st ECFB Unleashed meet-up!

A blogger never goes anywhere without her camera!

I loved Erin's spike bracelet (and her heart t-shirt too)!

My outfit
Dress- BB Dakota ( Je Suis Prest Boutique) | Cardigan- Old Navy |  Necklace- Aldo
Flats- Corso Como (Urban Shoe Myth) | Belt- Je Suis Prest Boutique | Watch- Fossil
Leather cuff- ESquared Designs

Details shots!
Candace snapping an instagram of Kristin's (Doll Parade) beautiful shoes!

Comfy flats to get me through shopping later!

(L to R): Jessica (far corner), Erin, Sorren, Kristin, Candace, Barb

A room full of beautifully-accessorized ladies!
(Left): Kate's gold arm jewellery
(Right): Barb's Spike the Punch necklace (top), Candace's pretty baubles (bottom)

A very late brunch at Le Coq with Sorren, Kate, Candace & Barb

Followed by shopping Biscuit's buy one get one 60%
(it was 70% for bloggers!)
off sale for their 16th birthday!

Unfortunately after a little downtown Halifax shopping and then a peruse of H&M, 
Candace, Barb and I had to jet set it back to Saint John- 
Otherwise we would have loved to stay for the rest of the weekend's events!

Photo Source: ECFB Tumblr

Blogger group photo at The Middle Spoon!
Front row (L to R): Barb, Meghan, Krista
Back row (L to R): Ashley, Tosen, Mo, Jessica, Erin, Kayla, me, Sorren, Kate, Kristin, Candace

Next week I'll share a little more behind about the ECFB event!  

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