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For the last little while, and especially since I gave up Maritime Shopaholic, I've really been focusing on blogging about topics I'm passionate about or really interested in. With my previous blog, it ended up being less about enjoying the process of blogging and more about putting out content for other people. To let myself get caught up in that hamster wheel- that was my misguided mistake. I had to remember that I wanted to please people with my content, but that had to include me! I had to stop and remind myself that the person I blog for, first and most importantly, is myself.

June 2011

I think every blogger needs to "find their niche". As a blogger it's important to find that content formula that works for you. Naturally the person who needs to love your blog the most is you, but remaining relevant among a sea of many in the blogosphere is still incredibly important.

Group photo with other Saint John & Fredericton bloggers- September 2011

Back when I started this blog, I was facing my own crossroad in life in which I had to decide what was really important to me and what I considered my priorities in life. During this time I decided that I wanted to tweak my content and produce a better, well-rounded medium for expressing my personal style and interest in fashion. I want to publish blog posts that allow me to share my interests and interact more with readers and fellow bloggers interested in the same things. I really started to consider and realign my priorities as a blogger when I said good bye to my previous blog.

March 2011

So with Atlantic Style Diaries, I've been working to put my best foot forward and improve my content.
Here are some of the topics you can look forward to on my blog:
  • fashion editorials- relaying current info and trends with a point of view
  • lifestyle posts-  fun things or ideas I want to share that other women find interesting
  • skin care and beauty- products I've tried, research and info I've come across
  • DIY projects- splurging less and creating things I can make myself
  • home decor- personal style can also be reflected in your environment
  • outfit posts- warmer weather and longer days= outfit photos coming up again soon!
  • blogging tips- what I've learned along the way and things I'm still discovering

Think about those really great conversations with your girl friends- whether it was about an awesome purchase, why it's so hard to find pants that fit properly, trying to find an effect skin care regime, or struggling with maintaining a healthy body image. That's the type of blog I want to produce.

I would love to hear your thoughts on these topics. If you read this blog and haven't commented before, please feel free to just say "hi"! I really do want to know more about my readers so we can make these topics and blog posts more of a conversation.

(Comments are something we bloggers really love and look forward to!)

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